Obligatory SHRM Post

Did you hear about the riff between SHRM and HRCI?

I've been in the business long enough to know that there are two sides to every story. I am not connected enough to know what's happening behind the scenes (I want the dirt!) but from the front lines, both organizations look bad.

Photo credit: iStockPhoto

Photo credit: iStockPhoto

I am SPHR certified and have been since 2003. I obtained certification to challenge my knowledge, strengthen my skills and build HR credibility after separating from the military with a background in maintenance, supply and ammunition. I maintained my certification over the years because that's what good HR professionals do.

My certification expires in August 2016 and even before this debacle hit center stage, I was debating whether or not to renew my certification.

My decision is made. My experience speaks for itself.

There are dedicated and innovative human resources leaders at the local, state and regional levels within SHRM organization and I am inspired by their commitment to making a difference. SHRM as an organization is not inspiring, nor are their senior leaders.

That's a shame.

I will follow along with my favorite SHRM-connected friends as this drama unfolds because I love the snark, sass and perspective. I will not be pursuing a competency-based certification from SHRM or renewing my knowledge-based one from HRCI either.

Now is the chance for HR professionals to stop the credit chase, engage in the profession and gain experiences that speak volumes more than a few letters after their name ever could.

What am I going to hang on the wall where my Senior Professional in Human Resources certificate is now?

Obligatory SHRM Post by Lisa Rosendahl first appeared on lisarosendahl.com.